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The implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has provided a wake up call to all organizations to carefully assess their management control environments and board governance models. ICL is here to help. We develop compliance and internal audit programs that ensure safety and soundness in all commercial sectors, including nonprofit.

ICL creates tailored compliance programs that are focused, effective, and robust. Our process establishes formidable compliance initiatives and includes:

  • Reviewing your organizationís mission statement
  • Understanding your organizationís strategic, operational, and tactical plans
  • Assisting in the preparation of risk assessments with management and those charged with governance
  • Delivering cost-effective recommendations and alternative solutions for compliance
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of compliance initiatives to support management and those charged with governance

SOX Testing
ICL is experienced in partnering with national accounting and consulting firms when joint ventures and alliances require mandated minority participation. Our principal, James Hill III has significant experience and understanding in this area and will facilitate a smooth delivery of services.

ICL consultants all have at least 5 years of professional experience. We quickly identify and write up internal control deficiencies in order to provide direction to remediate those issues with internal stakeholders. Our services go beyond looking at numbers. We painstakingly review details of controls and processes and embrace a common sense approach to SOX testing that your staff will appreciate.

Risk Assessment
ICL focuses on eliminating wasted effort and maximizing your effectiveness in your governance activities. We show staff and management new concepts and configurations followed by demonstrations on how these powerful new strategies can be implemented for increased efficiency and markedly less risk.

Compliance Function Reviews
ICL provides objective feedback on your relevant risk profile as well as how it is impacted by the focus of your activities and the way your resources are spent. We provide you with recommendations that help you not only meet your organizationís mission but also achieve its business objectives.

Policy and Procedure Reviews and Updates
ICL helps you standardize policies and procedures to provide safety and sound business practices in your organization. We take a Best Practice approach to recommending key policies and procedures while building in the customization that makes your organization unique.

Internal Controls Documentation and Process Improvement
ICL prepares easy-to-follow internal control documentation that makes cross training and job sharing easier to manage. We empower your staff while ensuring your organizationís workflow is efficient while successfully meeting your SOX and/or AICPA internal control standards.

View our Process Improvement & Redesign Process

CPE Seminars - Compliance Requirements - Nonprofit & Accounting, Chicago, Illinois
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