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ICL has an extensive in-house training and development program. Our engaging and informative courses cover many topics, keeping you and your team updated on the latest accounting, auditing, and taxation developments. With our expert guidance, you can stay ahead of regulatory changes, sharpen your skills, and maintain your professional edge in today’s dynamic business environment.

We customize our seminars (both in-person and virtual) so they address your specific needs while satisfying mandated CPE for those who need it. Customization is instituted through:

  • Interviewing key partners and professional staff
  • Identifying areas of emphasis and improvement opportunities
  • Selecting training topics
Training Programs

Our training programs are always engaging, up-to-date, and easy to understand. We take a “common sense” approach and have found that using real-life situations to drive points home helps attendees grasp important technical issues more quickly and retain the information better. Our focus on practical solutions means staff and management have the tools to support senior management in an organization’s financial stewardship.

CPE Learning Topics

ICL seminars encourage classroom participation. Attendees solve case studies that teach them to perform better at their jobs operationally. Our seminars address fields of study, including, but not limited to, the following topics as classified by NASBA:

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