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CPE Seminars - Compliance Requirements - Nonprofit & Accounting, Chicago, Illinois

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Independent Audits
Your organization will benefit from our reputation of professionalism and commitment towards client service. Our first-class standing in the business community, coupled with our audit opinion helps assure your shareholders, banks, and regulators that your financial statements fairly represent your organization.

OMB A-133 Audits
If your organization is the recipient of federal funding (directly or indirectly), there may be an obligation to conduct an audit according to the Office of Management and Budget ("OMB") Circular A-133. Our firm has significant experience with these complex requirements to ensure the quality of your single audit.

In addition to helping your organization meet the single audit requirements, we endeavor to assist management and those charged with governance with valuable suggestions to improve your overall internal control environment.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits
ICL is experienced in working with the multifaceted regulations that accompany employee benefit plan audits as required by the Employment Retiree Income Security Act ("ERISA"). We pride ourselves in our ability to perform audit tests in areas unique to employee benefit plans that will satisfy the U.S. Department of Labor ("DOL").

Our careful attention to detail enables us to prepare complete and accurate Form 5500, "Annual Return/ Report of Employee Benefit Plans", that are mandated by the Internal Revenue Service and the DOL.

CPE Seminars - Compliance Requirements - Nonprofit & Accounting, Chicago, Illinois
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